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The finest "all-star gallery" of THE best healing items (formulas, nutraceuticals, etc.), devices and resources distilled over the last two decades by The Healing Grapevine out of real world, real life applications to provide THE best results in healing and wellness.

There's no need to have "drawers full" of "stuff".  Just the very best, most effective key items possible. 

The Healing Grapevine Team has decided to arrange to provide them here in one place for your convenience.

Check back here periodically as this resource center is brought online.

Some of these are available through our office in the meantime. 
If interested, please see our Contact tab to call or email us.


A very positive tool we use in our New Way® program is the Terminator II Zapper by Don Croft.


What is a “zapper”?   It is a bio-electric device first introduced by Dr. Hulda Clark originally for use in elimination of parasites from the human and animal body and promotes overall health. 

The Terminator II Zapper designed and manufactured by Don Croft is an improved, advanced, and significantly effective version that is at the same time very compact, convenient and simple to use.   

The picture to the left is an unretouched photo of Intestinal worms, expelled during a colonic irrigation after using a zapper for some minutes. 

The zapper is very small, about the size of a pack of playing cards (1" x 2" x 3")  and runs on a simple 9 volt battery with an on/off switch, an indicator light, and two electrodes (copper discs) glued onto the bottom of the box, designed to contact bare skin, preferably under the clothing, for ease of use.




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your Terminator II Zapper


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A New Way ~ A New Light ~  A New You.


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