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The finest "all-star gallery" of THE best healing items (formulas, nutraceuticals, etc.), devices and resources distilled over the last two decades by The Healing Grapevine out of real world, real life applications to provide THE best results in healing and wellness.

There's no need to have "drawers full" of "stuff".  Just the very best, most effective key items possible. 

The Healing Grapevine Team has decided to arrange to provide them here in one place for your convenience.

Check back here periodically as this resource center is brought online.

Some of these are available through our office in the meantime. 
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(AUGUST 30, 2017)

For residents and families of Houston and the surrounding who have gone through the Hurricane Harvey storm, a special message:

The unprecedented floodings seen as a result of the Hurricane can present a unique challenge.  Due to the flatness of the geographic area and massive amount of water (over 9 trillion tons), the water will not be draining expediently and therefore presents standing water issues.  This will involve excessive amounts of mosquitoes, and the mosquitoes in this area have been known to carry the Zika virus and other mosquito-borne pathogens. 

Secondly, due to animal carcasses and waste debris in the water, there is the potential for things like e-coli, cholera, typhoid, and other such pathogen-related exposure.  Also, due to the number of petroleum and chemical-related installations there -- and a number of Superfund sites -- there is risk of chemical and heavy metal toxins with the water as well.

Further, with all the water and the mild Texan climate, there is high potential for molds, such as Stachybotrys (Black Mold -- the one involved in "sick Building Syndrome"), in the water recovery aftermath.

We wanted to let you know there is a particular device that would extremely beneficial for protecting yourself and family from the pathogenic risks.  One shown to be effective against every pathogen (virus, bacteria, etc.) ever tested against.  We would recommend this highly and, if interested, simply call the Healing Grapevine number (or email) at our Contact page and we will assist in getting one to you.

Additionally, we can assist with aids regarding the toxic exposure with the water as well as the mold, as noted earlier.

The Healing Grapevine Team


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